Ivy James

As Sumayya Akhter, having completed my M.Phil. in Media Sciences and Communication Studies, I reflect on a journey rich with experience. With a decade in the media industry and as a lecturer in media sciences. As a communication expert turned CEO of a study visa consultancy, I blend my skills to guide students through the complexities of international education. My role focuses on clear, empathetic guidance, helping students navigate the journey to studying abroad, transforming challenges into fulfilling opportunities to connect with global education.

Top 5 Research Programs to Propel Your Career Abroad!

In the evolving global landscape, being part of reputable research programs is a golden ticket to advancing one’s career beyond borders. Not only does it offer a platform for innovative thinking and development, but it also opens doors to international networks, collaborations, and career opportunities. This article dives into the “Top 5 Research Programs to […]

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